Celebration Ideas


To showcase student talent and celebrate the arts, organize a special Awards event for the Reflections Program at your school. School assemblies, recognition luncheons, an ice cream social or even a family potluck could be part of your celebration.

A Reflections Award event provides a great opportunity for students to publicly share their artwork and creativity with the school community by:

  • Displaying their photography and visual arts pieces
  • Playing their musical compositions
  • Reading aloud their literature entries
  • Performing their dance choreography
  • Presenting their film/ video production entries

Consider having a special presentation ceremony at this event for students. Highlight their artistic achievements and involvement in the Reflections Program by giving certificates, ribbons, medals, buttons or trophies to your student participants.

There are also a variety of ways to increase community awareness and boost involvement in the Reflections Program at your school including:

Amberly Wu "The Most Beautiful Butterfly of All"

Amberly Wu “The Most Beautiful Butterfly of All”

  • Holding a Reflections Program workshop after school or at lunch or at a Family Arts Night and providing art supplies for students to work on their projects
  • Enlisting the involvement of your principal and teachers to encourage students to take part in the Reflections Program
  • Showcasing student entries around your school in hallways, display cases, media center, library or lunch room and at PTA meetings and events
  • Planning a local traveling art show to display student artwork in community buildings, libraries, parks, museums, banks, hospitals, nursing homes, school district office and city hall
  • Publishing a Reflections Program Awards booklet or calendar listing participants, award recipients and those supporting the program to present as a special thank you to your student artists, judges, teachers and volunteers
  • Recruiting local businesses to donate supplies and sponsor prizes for your Reflections Program
  • Recording musical compositions, dance choreography and film/ video production entries and playing them at PTA functions, school events and on local radio or television cable stations

For more ideas and information, contact Nevada PTA.

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