Award Celebration Dates & Locations Announced!

Our Award Celebrations will be held Friday, April 17th at Lake Mansion in Reno and then Friday Night of our 74th Annual Convention April 24th in Las Vegas at the Texas Station in North Las Vegas.

Thank you again, for participating this year.  We have had many wonderful & talented artists enter our competition and we are eagerly awaiting the results from our judges.
"Behind the Mask"© Kristian Isaac - Fernley High School PTSA

“Behind the Mask”© Kristian Isaac – Fernley High School PTSA

Award notifications will be made on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015.  We will be calling each of our leaders, then the families like last year.

Formal invitations and announcements will follow after the telephone calls are made.
Please add these dates to your calendars.  All participants, teachers, school administrators and PTA leaders are encouraged and welcomed to attend the events this year.  All students artwork will be featured in the gallery before and during the Celebrations as well as during the movie before and after the ceremonies.
Lake Mansion’s main room is a little smaller than the Governor’s mansion, however it’s location and proximity to the art district in Reno make it quite appealing to our committee and we hope our families.
If you have and VIP’s that you would like to have invited, please send me their information (email, name, and mailing address) and I will be happy to include them on our mailing list.
We hope to make these events wonderful and would appreciate your assistance in this endeavor.  Your suggestions and help are greatly appreciated, we are a small committee and each of you would be a great asset to our team.
Thank you in advance – Kim