This Friday 12-19-14 is Deadline for Student entries to Battle Born PTA’s Reflections competition.

We are just days away from the deadline for our first ever statewide open call for entries into Battle Born PTA’s Reflections program.  3pm on Friday 12-19-14 will mark this year’s deadline.

As we previously posted, this is the first time in our history we have been able to offer the Reflections program to all students.  This includes students from Pre-K thru High School not currently enrolled in our traditional PTA schools, giving them the chance to enter Reflections Program by joining our state wide local Battle Born PTA Unit.

Please check out the standard Reflections rules on our Local Leader tab and a sign up for a membership in our Battle Born PTA is required for participation.

Here is the student entry form to accompany each piece of artwork submitted:  Battle Born Student Entry Form

Please email if you have any questions or call me directly at 702-491-7867.