Photographers Ready for October’s First Friday Showcase at LV PhotoCollective

Join us on First Friday 10/3/14 and throughout October as three of our Photographers will be showcased in Las Vegas PhotoCollective’s Gallery at 1114 S. Casino Center Drive, Las Vegas.
Our Reflections Committee has been kicking off our theme, “The world would be a better place if…”  and is excited to grow our Program.  With this in mind, we have been reaching out to our local art community looking for appropriate places to showcase our young artists.  
Currently, the Las Vegas PhotoCollective within Reclaimed Art in the heart of Las Vegas’ 18b Arts District is extending just this opportunity.  The theme for their October exhibition is “Then and Now; the Photographers of Las Vegas”.

Alexander Fiore’s from Darnell Elementary PTA’s piece, “First Flight”; Allison Jean Bollard from David M. Cox PTA’s piece, “Fingerprints on the Piano”; and Holland Linterman from Wallin Elementary School PTA’s piece, “Swinging Child” will all grace the walls.

Alex Fiore- First Flight Intermediate Photo from Darnell PTA in Las Vegas

Alex Fiore- “First Flight”
(Intermediate Photography) – Darnell Elementary PTA

Alison Jean Bollard- Fingerprints on the Piano

Alison Jean Bollard- “Fingerprints on the Piano”
(Primary Photography) – David M. Cox PTA

Holland Linterman - Swinging Child (Intermediate Photography)

Holland Linterman – “Swinging Child”
Intermediate Photography – Wallin Elementary School PTA

Thank you Cheryl & LV PhotoCollective!  We are all very excited for our next First Friday!!