Photography Award Winners

Here are your Photography Award Winners & their winning entries!


Photography- Special Artist Award Winners

Fred DeCol                                 A Dream to Share                          East Valley Elementary PTA

Samantha Gracia                      Best Friends Forever                     Neil C Twitchell Elementary PTA


Photography- Primary (PreK-2nd Grade) Award Winners

Alexandra Mousa                         My Brother’s Dream                      Frank Lamping PTA

Emma Wangrycht                        Sister Dreaming                             Wallin Elementary School PTA

Matthew Carnaby                        My Infinity Characters                   John C Vanderburg

Alison Jean Bollard                     Fingerprints on the Piano             David M Cox PTA

Juliet Meurer                                Make Believe Garden                     Gilbert Magnet School PTA

Juliet Meurer                                Baby Mermaid                                 Gilbert Magnet School PTA


Photography- Intermediate (3rd-5nd Grade) Award Winners

Collin Moxley                              Change of Seasons                              Neil C Twitchell PTA

Holland Linterman                    Swinging Child                                    Wallin Elementary School PTA

Kaori Oliveros                             My Personal Kaleidoscope                Neil C Twitchell PTA

Alexander Fiore                           First Flight                                           Darnell PTA

Christian Abbo                             My Dream                                            Gilbert Magnet School PTA

Tanner Aldrich                            Two Tractors                                        Pleasant Valley Elementary School PTA


Photography- Middle School Award Winners

Chayce Barba                            Born Free                                      Silverland Middle School PTA

Chayce Barba                            Midnight Dream                          Silverland Middle School PTA

Chayce Barba                            America Inspired                         Silverland Middle School PTA


Photography- High School Award Winner

Breanna Inga                            Reach                                      Fernley High School PTSA

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