Music Composition Award Winners

Here are your Film Production Award Winners & their winning entries!

Music Composition- Special Artist Award Winners

Samantha Gracia                      When the Wind Blows      Neil C Twitchell Elementary PTA

Music Composition- Primary (PreK-2nd Grade) Award Winners

Kenzie Gittens                          I See the Winter                             Frank Lamping PTA

Sienna Nicholson                    Nature at Nighttime                       Neil C Twitchell Elementary PTA

Emilio Brown                           Emilio’s Christmas Play                Gilbert Magnet School PTA

Katie Kim                                  Amazing Dream                              John W Bonner ES PTA

Vandalayn Holmes                  You’ve Got to Believe                    Mabel Hoggard PTSA

Morgon Carlton                        I have a dream                               Jesse Hall Elementary PTA

Music Composition- Intermediate (3rd-5nd Grade) Award Winners

Chloe Watson                                 Something Was Missing                               Wallin Elementary School PTA

Mia Morgan                                    A Kitten with a String                                    Neil C Twitchell PTA

Paityn Taylor                                  Dream, Believe, Inspire                                 Elise L. Wolff PTA

Paris L Peterson                             Just Got to Dream                                          Elise L. Wolff PTA

Hanna Bach                                    Ocean Daydream                                             John W Bonner ES PTA

Quamir Branch                              Fly Up High                                                      Gilbert Magnet School PTA

Most Music Composition Entries can be heard or viewed in these two locations: