Dance Choreography Award Winners

Here are your Top Dance Choreography Award Winners & their winning entries!

Dance Choreography- Primary (PreK-2nd Grade) Award Winners

Piper Pelton            Here Comes the Sun                     Wallin Elementary School PTA

Anna Potter             Inspiration of the Flowers           Charlotte Hill PTA

Annie Walker           Do You Believe In Magic?          Gilbert Magnet School PTA

Aurora Siegel           Enchanted- True Love’s Kiss     John W Bonner ES PTA

Naomi Jackson         I Am A Tiger                                 John R Beatty PTA

Abagail Stockstill     Twinkle Twinkle                          Jesse Hall Elementary PTA

Dance Choreography- Intermediate (3rd-5nd Grade) Award Winners

Grace Piechita               It’s a Beautiful Day                   Elise L. Wolff PTA

Rylie Waldron               Believe In Yourself                    Elise L Wolff PTA

Caroline Martin            Dreaming                                     David M. Cox PTA

Leilani Piris                   Reflections                                   Gilbert Magnet School PTA

Serenity Estrellado      Serenity’s Hall of Fame             Gilbert Magnet School PTA

Kendra Bermudez        Dreamer’s Can Believe              Gilbert Magnet School PTA

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